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What would an app be like if the people who used it, wrote it?

Ever wondered what an app would look like if the very people who use it were the ones designing it? Picture an app crafted by service providers themselves, dedicated to helping customers connect with them seamlessly. The first thing to vanish? Those exorbitant commissions charged by other marketplaces and lead generation services.

These platforms have long been taking unfair cuts, siphoning off as much as 30% or peddling leads at unjust prices, sometimes as high as $25 or even $75 per lead, then reselling them to others. It's simply not equitable to burden service providers in this way. That's why we've come up with a better approach: service providers pocket 100% of what they earn. No need to funnel payments through the app; feel free to use Venmo (we're not affiliated), PayPal (no association), or good old-fashioned cash. At JobSnap, fairness and empowerment reign supreme.

What have we done before?

We've learned from past experiences that we're not fans of taking a percentage cut. In the past, we accepted an investment, but the investor insisted on taking 30% of each job completed by a service provider. Instead, we've created an app - a great one that's only getting better - and we've devised a fair way to charge for it. We offer a simple, fixed price per month or per year. While we understand we could charge a very high premium for our app's functionality, we wanted to be fair. We believe in providing value without overburdening our users. The founders, James Albis and Case Jones, initially collaborated at Snohub, a platform aimed at providing residential snow clearing on-demand. However, they were dissatisfied with the requirement to take a significant percentage, such as 30%, from hard-working service providers. These service providers were individuals who invested in their own insurance, maintained their vehicles, underwent training, purchased equipment, handled repairs, and hired and paid their staff. It seemed unjustifiable to take such a large percentage when the service providers bore all the risks, covered business expenses, and did the actual labor.

Thus, JobSnap was born for the service providers - those who take their own risks, manage their businesses independently, and are out in the field every day. With your support, JobSnap aims to consistently provide service providers and gig workers with a fairer deal compared to lead generation websites like Angie's and or Thumbtack. We refuse to charge a percentage, impose a particular payment platform, or delay payments when cash transactions are feasible. Our goal is to provide the benefits of app technology to service providers without attempting to take a cut. If you've been reading this far, we hope that JobSnap is the solution you've been waiting for, for a long time.

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