JobSnaps: Quick snapshots of local tasks customers need done.

Get things done with JobSnap! The smarter way to find and connect with service providers and gig workers.

JobSnap facilitates direct communication between task seekers and service providers or gig workers, free from geographical or information barriers imposed by others. Our platform connects the right people with those needing tasks done efficiently!


JobSnaps for Service Providers

JobSnaps streamline communication regarding tasks and their status between service providers / gig workers and customers. Here, we illustrate how it works for service providers.


No lead fees, no commissions on any job. Get unlimited JobSnaps for just $97 a month, usually $199 a month. Act now to boost your business!

Example JobSnap Topics: Landscaping, Handyman, Home Cleaning, Moving Assistance

In a JobSnap, simply describe the task, add as many photos as necessary, include the address and your budget. Receive responses from nearby service providers / gig workers with their bids and questions. We're not middlemen, so there's no need to disclose your budget to the app. And unlike many others, we don't take a cut or a lead fee!


Customers find service providers/gig workers based on skills they input in the app. Similarly, service providers/gig workers only see relevant opportunities aligned with their interests and abilities. 

Tailored Service Provider/Gig Worker Search

Personalized JobSnap Matching: We connect service providers/gig workers with suitable JobSnaps by analyzing their provided skills and experience. 

Comprehensive Job Details: Get detailed information on each job opportunity. 

Diverse Opportunities: Explore a wide range of tasks and projects.

Simple Application Process: Easily apply for jobs with just a few clicks.

Simplified Application Process

Instant Application

JobSnap simplifies the job application process with quick and user-friendly features.

Just send a quote, and the customer will know you're interested in working with them.

Minimal Information Required: Fill out your profile once, and use it every time you respond to a JobSnap.

Your profile is filled in once, and then you can use it each time you respond to a JobSnap.


What are JobSnaps like?

JobSnaps are concise snapshots of tasks or jobs that need to be completed. They provide a clear description of the work to be done, along with relevant details such as photos, location, and budget. Users can easily communicate their requirements within the JobSnap, and service providers or gig workers can respond with their bids or questions. JobSnaps streamline the process of finding and completing tasks by facilitating direct communication between task seekers and service providers, without the need for intermediaries or unnecessary information barriers.

JobSnap Alert Notifications

Receive timely notifications whenever a JobSnap matching your profile is posted.

Get Listed for Free

Signing up with JobSnap is completely free. Fill out your profile and make it discoverable to local customers at no cost.

Find Nearby Service Providers and Gig Workers for Free

Are you a customer seeking local service providers and gig workers offering specific services? Locate them on the map and directly post jobs to them.

Join Our Community

Join a community of workers who prefer not to be exploited by lead generation services. We're here to shake things up.

Send Quotes for Free

When you spot a JobSnap that interests you, send a quote without any charge. If you and the customer decide to work together, you retain 100% of what they pay you.

Reputation Matters

After each job, the service provider/gig worker rates the customer, and vice versa. So, deliver excellent service, and your ratings will be high!

Be the Brand Hero

Unlike other platforms that restrict your ability to showcase your brand, JobSnap empowers you to post photos of yourself, your equipment, your completed jobs, your reviews, your website, your social platforms—everything you need to amplify your brand.


JobSnaps are quick snapshots of local tasks customers need done.

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