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Need help with tasks around the house? JobSnap makes it simple to find local pros for any job. Just snap a photo, post your task, and get it done - quickly and easily!

What Are JobSnaps?

JobSnaps are quick snapshots of jobs or tasks you need help with. Each JobSnap includes a clear description, photos, location, and budget. Chat directly with local pros to get your job done quickly and smoothly.


Examples of JobSnaps

●     Landscaping: Need your garden spruced up?

●     Handyman: Got a few repairs around the house?

●     Home Cleaning: Want a sparkling clean home?

●     Piano Teacher: Are you an aspiring musician?

●     Moving Assistance: Need help with a big move?

Why People Love JobSnap

●     Instant Alerts: Get notifications for jobs that match your skills.

●     Free Listings: Sign up and post your tasks for free.

●     Send Free Quotes: Send quotes or get responses at no cost.

●     Build Your Reputation: Rate your helpers and get rated too!

Why Are Other Marketplace Apps Falling Short?

Let's look at snow removal and lawn service. Most marketplace apps take a huge cut from service providers and try to 'own' the customers, leading to less commitment from providers.

JobSnap is different. When you find a great customer through us, they're yours to keep, and you keep 100% of what you earn.

JobSnap vs.The Rest

Curious why JobSnap is the best? Here's the lowdown:

●     Snap and Post: With JobSnap’s easy 'Snap and Post' feature, just snap a pic and post your job. It's fast and convenient! Competitors use boring text forms—so last century!

●     Affordable Pricing: JobSnap is budget-friendly with a super low fee. Competitors? They charge way more, making it tough for small businesses to join.

●     Who We Help: JobSnap is for everyone—young gig workers and seasoned pros alike. Others stick to home service providers only.

●     Local Love: JobSnap is all about the community. We focus on local marketing and real-time feedback to keep things personal. Other marketplace providers are more about the big picture, missing the local touch.

Need a Job Done? Use JobSnap!

With JobSnap, getting things done is a breeze! Just describe your task, snap some photos, add the address, and set your budget. Nearby helpers will send their bids and questions. No middlemen

here—your budget stays private, and we don't take a cut or charge extra fees.

Connect directly with the right people and get your job done efficiently and quickly.

ForService Providers and Gig Workers

Join the JobSnap Community

Need extra income? Find work with JobSnap!

JobSnap connects people who need jobs done with service providers and gig workers who have the skills and tools to do them. Our platform lets both sides connect freely without any restrictions.

Whether you're looking to make extra income or have skills to offer, JobSnap helps you find and complete jobs directly and easily. Take control of your financial future and start connecting today!

Showcase Your Skills

Show off your work, share photos, reviews, and more. JobSnap helps you shine!

How Does JobSnap Work for Gig Workers?

JobSnap immediately provides value by listing your business, making it easier for local customers to find you. Here’s how it works:

Fill Out Your Profile: Create a detailed profile once and use it whenever you respond to a JobSnap.

Get Discovered: Customers can find you using the map feature, locating nearby service providers.

Access JobSnaps: Subscribed service providers, those on a free trial, or those who invite friends gain access to the latest JobSnaps.

Submit Quotes & Communicate: Easily submit quotes, ask questions, and communicate directly with customers.

Engage Fully: Active service providers are listed in a web-based directory, depending on privacy settings, allowing for full engagement with the app experience.

With JobSnap, you maintain ownership of your customer relationships and earn what you deserve without hidden fees.


Experience the JobSnap Difference

Simple and Fast Connections: Connect with skilled local service

providers for all kinds of services, from quick fixes, to big renovations, to voice lessons! Just Snap a photo of your service request, post it, and get quick responses from our skilled gig workers.

Trust and Transparency: Each helper's profile includes detailed reviews and ratings. Enjoy safe and transparent transactions to build trust.

Effective Solutions for Homeowners: Privacy First: Your personal information is always secure with us. Top-Quality Services: Helpers work hard to keep high ratings, ensuring you get the best service.

Versatile Workforce at Your Fingertips: Find young, creative service providers offering innovative solutions. Access seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge. Whether you need new construction work or personal care, JobSnap has you covered.

Stay Ahead of Work Trends: Stay ahead by hiring flexible, talented individuals ready to tackle any task—your go-to platform for finding the right help for any job.


JobSnaps are quick snapshots of local tasks customers need done.

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